Online Chess

Welcome to the world of online chess! Why play online chess? If you’re an avid chess player like me playing online chess can be very stimulating for the mind. Meeting other people from all over the world and playing online chess can become enjoyable instead of playing the same old opponents all the time. Playing online chess can also get you a rating with those you play with and give you an indication of how good of a chess player you really are.

First steps at online chess

The first step to playing online chess is to find an online site or website to play on. There are many game websites that provide a variety of games including free online chess like Yahoo or Pogo. They offer rooms with different levels according to your skill level. There are also online chess website that are exclusively for the avid chess player. Online chess clubs may be the venue you need to use to get better. Just search chess online and you will get over a million results on the topic. Click on the results listed under online chess to find the best place to play which is compatible to your computer and operating system. You may have to download a few programs to play online chess so make sure your computer has enough memory to run the program.

online chess tutorial

Register before you play

Most online chess programs will require you to register before you can play. You will also need a user-name (name you will be playing under) so think of a name that fits your personality. You may have to fill out a profile of yourself. Try to rate yourself as close to your level as possible so you can play people that are the same level as you are. The game will be more enjoyable that way. There are also options that can be use while playing online chess. Time limit of the game is one of the options available. Choose the best option that fits your game. Now you are ready to play online chess in the comfort of your own home or wherever you take your laptop.

What to expect from online chess tutorials

Aside from being one of the most popular board games all over the world, chess is well known for its complex rules and highly intellectual underlying principles. However, with the help of innovative online chess tutorials, people can learn much better everything they need to know to become good players. The information that can be found in these Web sites can range from the simplest concepts up to the most complex strategies ever known.

With the primary aim of educating people about the various aspects of chess, everyone can expect that these online tutorials are comprehensive and up-to-date. At the same time, they are user-friendly while offering lucid explanations and demonstrations on how things are basically done in the game. These channels also provide a better alternative to the traditional means of learning chess like books and instructional DVDs.

If people are to look at them closely, online chess tutorials are already complete within themselves. Beginners can always consult these Web sites for a comprehensive look at the fundamental aspects and rules of the game. Setting up chessboards, knowing how each piece moves, and understanding the various rules that bound players can be achieved with the help of online chess instructions. Expect colorful diagrams, vital exchange of important information among players, and actual game demonstrations from these online chess portals.

As these friendly chess Web sites provide information on how to start games, people can also expect to find important data on how they can finish off their opponents. Learn how to capture the opponent’s king using the easiest and most common checkmate patterns. The Backrank Mate, Scholar’s Mate, and Fool’s Mate are guaranteed to help enhance the repertoire of chess starters worldwide.

While starters are expected to benefit the most from these friendly online chess tutorials, intermediate players should not shy away from seeking help from them. They can find vital data on advanced chess strategies and tactics that would definitely advance their knowledge and mastery of the game. The Albin Counter Gambit, Alekhine’s Defence, and Bishop’s Opening moves will surely be of serious help to any intermediate player.

While these online chess sites may focus more on strategies and tactics, they never fail to inculcate ideas, quotes, and principles that would benefit their visitors online. People are guaranteed to admire the words of wisdom that notable chess players and legends have to impart. At the same time, they could also learn how the other neglected aspects of the game work such as chess clocks and the like.